About Robert Guequierre

I am a generative artist, a writer, and a programmer. I am fascinated with psychology, especially adult developmental psychology, and with certain aspects of philosophy, but only insofar as such ideas help me better understand where we are as a society, where we might be going, and how I might develop my artistic practices in such a way as to best adapt my own abilities to the world.

I believe in sincerity, and I believe that an open and honest examination and exploration of our mental and emotional processes can provide vital information about how to work better and how to live more effectively. In my writing I often expose and comment upon my own fears and anxieties, but also my great joys.

I believe that society is currently at a crossroads, as the ideas of Modernity and even Post-Modernity are rapidly becoming less and less effective at solving the kinds of problems to which they are suited and instead are creating more and more problems of their own. I believe that art is the single most effective domain in which to perform initial experiments that could one day be expanded upon and then lead all of us to future perspectives and new ways of thinking beyond Post-Modernity, similar to the way that linear perspective in Renaissance painting was a shot across the bow at the Enlightenment’s scientific process of quantifying repeatable empirical phenomena.

I count myself among those who feel driven to perform such experiments, and I have developed a nascent practice of using the goal of an aesthetic outcome as the purpose and motivation behind building and evolving software systems intended to quickly and easily generate and vary those outcomes. I believe this approach has merit: if one’s primary concern is the creation of an aesthetic outcome, and when the systems one creates as a means to that end show themselves to be insufficient, one then has greater emotional and intellectual freedom to fundamentally rethink or even discard those systems and then search out alternatives. One runs less risk of succumbing to the sunk cost fallacy – doggedly holding on to untenable existing ideas – because one has a larger, more important context from which to judge the viability of any given underlying solution. I believe that collectively and over time we can in such a way evolve improved solutions with applicability beyond their original aesthetic purpose.

My goal for my work, adapting a term from the developmental psychologists Richards & Commons, is to solidify a practice that is something like a “non-arbitrary coordination” of art, software, and writing, beyond a mere juxtaposition, by using the above ideas along with any additional theories, tools, or media that I discover along the way and that might aid in that effort.

The name of the site, In Turquoise Union, is from Blondie’s Union City Blue:

Arrive, climb up four flights
To the orange side
Rearrange my mind
In turquoise Union, Union, Union City blue

Contact: robert [at] inturquoiseunion [dot] net